Birthdays are special. We wake up, feel awesome, and just KNOW that whatever the day has in store for us, it’s going to be good. What’s the difference between a birthday and any other day, though? Essentially nothing to the rest of the world. But not to you. Even if it’s stormy, or if your plans get messed up, or if Starbucks won’t give you your free drink, it’s still your birthday, and your birthday is special and beautiful and sparkly and fantastic. Because that’s  the birthday mindset. So this had me thinking…What if we had a little bit of that birthday spirit infused into our every day lives? Can we, subconsciously or not, CHOOSE to have only good days?

I think we can try.

Every day isn’t going to be great, but good things happen every day. Making slight adjustments to your mindset can have a major impact on how you view your days, and ultimately your life. Here’s how to shift your thinking.

Take care of yourself. Don’t lie–when it’s your birthday, you put in just a liiiitle extra effort into looking as flawless as you feel, right? Add a little bit of that effort to your daily routine! This kind of self-care is easy, because you can totally “fake it until you make it”. Even if you wake up feeling crappy, it’s hard to stay in a bad mood when you’re wearing an outfit that you look great in, your hair is styled to perfection, and your brows are on-point. You feel good about yourself, and anything you can do to ignite your confidence and enhance your inner glow is awesome. Schedule in a workout for a quick endorphin fix and you’re already on your way to a better-than-average day.

Be mindful. Even if it isn’t coming naturally, try to be positive, courteous, and empathic. I HATE it when people are rude to others for no reason–especially If those others are trying to help them. It drives me nuts. Being kind and polite takes virtually no extra time or effort, but it makes everyone you interact with like you more, and pretty much guarantees a pleasant experience. Conversely, if someone happens to be rude to you, don’t take it personally or let it ruin your day. Their behavior likely has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with THEM. Something insane could be going on in that barista’s head, the person who cut you off in traffic could be dealing with a sick child, and the guy at the DMV could be going through a particularly rough breakup. You don’t know. So don’t fixate, and decide that you won’t let it get to you.

Practice gratitude. Do you ever really stop and think about how lucky you are? Even when things seem pretty dark, there are always bright spots–people and places you love, activities you’re passionate about, accomplishments you’re proud of–there’s always something. Taking time to recognize any and all of the good parts of your life, even on a small scale, can make everything else feel better. Think about it! Jot down a list of things you’re thankful for when you have a free minute. Reflect. Lucky people are happy people. Happy people have good days. You are a happy, lucky person.

No bad days.



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