Blonde is my happy color. Fact: it just is. I am almost always happiest at the time when I make the decision to go blonde. Here’s the thing about being a(n unnatural) blonde, though: it’s high maintenance. I’ve been attempting to get this take on my blonde right for an entire YEAR, starting with subtle, sun-kissed balagye last September, and ending most recently with the perfect butterscotch sombre late this summer, has pretty much been worth all of the expense, damage, and hours spent in various salons. Why? Because blonde, as stated previously, is just my happy shade.

Something that DOESN’T make me so happy, though, is brassiness. Warmth. Yellow. Orange. It’s an ailment even the best faux-blondes have to deal with–you come out of the salon a champagne, and by the time it’s time to touch up your roots, you’re more of a caramel. Blame it on sun exposure/water/air/color molecules–whatever. If you’ve been blonde, you’ve been there. Since you’re already probably spending $$$ on your hair, you clearly want it to look (and feel) its best. Here’s how to do just that as a bottle blonde…even on a budget!

Save: Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo.


This is THE classic purple shampoo. Shimmer Lights is cheap (under $10 a bottle) and it WORKS. It also, unfortunately, smells terrible. Like, it smells like a Walmart version of a Bath and Bodyworks floral fragrance (bad.) It’s old, it’s musty, and it’s so, so floral. Oh, and your hair somehow magically retains this scent for at least a day after you’ve rinsed the stuff out. So yeah, that sucks. But it’s so cheap! And it definitely shuts the brassiness down in just one shampoo. Shimmer Lights is a bit drying, but that’s nothing a date with a good deep conditioning treatment (hello, coconut oil!) can’t fix. If you’ve never used a purple shampoo before, this is a great starting point. You really don’t need anything else.

Splurge: Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color


Anything by Oribe is basically the polar opposite of Shimmer Lights in the scent department.  My stylist, for example, uses their Supershine Moisture Creme before she dries my hair and it looks, feels, and yes, SMELLS like a dream. Since I don’t blow dry on the daily, but wanted a product that produced salon-like effects, she recommended Oribe’s Masque for Beautiful Color, a frizz-taming, color-enhancing, glossifying hair EXPERIENCE. Once a week or so, you massage the mask into wet hair and leave it on for as long as you want–I usually aim for around an hour, but I’ve also been known to sleep with it on if I’ve been abusing my flat iron–then rinse out whenever. While this isn’t a product specially formulated for blondes, it seems to have developed a kind of cult following of blonde online fans, especially those with curls. A premium product to be certain, but it basically does quadruple duty (color care/maintenance, hair health, styling aid, and perfume) and you and your chemically-enhanced tresses are totally worth it. I mean…What’s the point of having golden locks if they look and FEEL like straw?! Um, none. No point. Zero point sir.

Happy blonde days!



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