My involvement with Tone It Up has inspired me to live with intention and to set more goals. From fitness to nutrition to general wellbeing, members of the TIU team come up with a myriad of inspiring, relatable, achievable wishes that they share each month. Since October just started, I thought I’d share my major goal for this month: To say yes.

Sometimes, it’s really difficult for me to step outside of my comfort zone and to just say yes. It can be really easy for me to talk myself out of doing things that sound fun, interesting, or exciting if I’m feeling any sort of doubt or hesitation. The appeal of a quiet night at home with my puppies and husband watching Netflix and eating takeout is seriously strong, and a lot of times I’d like to follow up a a good night’s sleep with an excellent morning workout instead of taking shots and dancing on tables all night long. But then…you miss out. I miss out. I’ll look forward to doing things for a week, and talk myself out of actually doing them at the last minute. Why? Because I love my routine? Because I don’t want it to be awkward? Because I just think I’d have a better time doing my own thing? Honestly, yeah – it’s a combination of all of those things. But the combination is stupid, and it’s fueling a bad habit of ALWAYS staying in and saying no that’s beginning to make me a little unhappy. My solution? To say YES. Yes now, think later. Connecting with others and having something (anything!) to look forward to are keys to an awesome quality of life.

I feel like I’ve been oddly programmed to believe that staying in, and therefore “taking care of myself” when I’m feeling fragile or down will fix whatever problem it is I’m having, but I’ve come to the realization that that is probably not the case. That doing the above is probably the WORST thing that I can do for my psyche. Isolation can be very tempting, but it doesn’t actually make you feel any better in the long run – only worse. The times in which I’ve dealt with a difficult situation by traveling, doing something new, or becoming a part of something that spoke to me are the times I’ve truly felt the best. The happiest. The most fulfilled. Moving to a new city this spring (and not for my own school or a job) has been tough, but I think I’ve been making it harder for myself by not actually making a genuine attempt to connect and get involved, and that’s dumb. It’s my intention in the next few weeks to not only create an awesome lineup of things to do, but to also (and most importantly) actually go through with doing them.  So that’s what October is going to be all about for me–getting out there and getting happy.

Have any advice on how to make that happen? Where to begin? What are your goals for this month?!



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