Confession: I’ve been holding out on you guys. I’ve known about the amazing service-meets-shopping-meets-charity experience that is Fashion Project since last spring. Heard of it? If not, prepare to fall in love.

Fashion Project bills itself as “the industry leader in online clothing donation,” but it is so much more than that. Members can donate clothing, shop for causes they care about, and earn perks along the way. Here’s how it all works.


  1. Create an account with Fashion Project HERE.

  2. Request a donation pack, and Fashion Project will send over a super-cute box filled with gigantic pre-paid donation bags for your apparel…bags that are large enough to fit just about any piece of clothing, including coats, handbags, and boots.

  3. Fill up your bag(s) and ship them to Fashion Project. Shipping is free!

  4. Fashion Project receives your donation and sifts through the items by hand. Then, your pieces are professionally photographed and placed on their website for sale.

  5. You receive a tax receipt.

  6. A percentage of your items’ sale (55% to be exact!) is donated to a charity of your choosing.

Sounds great, right?! Wait–it gets better. Fashion Project has partnered with Nordstrom to make donating even more sweet. For every five pieces of nearly-new or great condition designer clothing, shoes, handbags or accessories with an original retail price of $50 or more, Fashion Project will send you a $40 Nordstrom gift card. 10 items? $80. 15? $100. You get the picture, here. Nordstrom gift cards are awesome, because they can be spent at Nordstrom proper, at any of their cafes, restaurants, or eBars, OR at Nordstrom Rack stores. No Nordstrom near you? Their gift cards also work online at All of your bases are totally covered! And hey–even if an item or two you send doesn’t qualify for the Nordstrom promotion, Fashion Project makes sure your fashion contributions are still used as a force for good. The fine print for this perk, including a list of accepted brands, can be found on their Nordstrom Partnership page.

My thank you kit direct from FP. How cute is that packaging?!
My thank you kit direct from FP. How cute is that packaging?!

Did I mention that you can also shop FROM Fashion Project?! You can. Stock changes daily, and you can score amazing deals on high-end and designer labels–think, Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags for $60, Burberry rain boots for $99, or J Brand jeans for $25. It’s like online thrifting!

As a self-diagnosed shopaholic clothes horse, I shop a lot, hoard clothing, shoes, and accessories, and also (unfortunately) tire of trendier pieces pretty quickly. For me, Fashion Project is the ULTIMATE solution. In fact, my clothes have already raised $$ for my cause and I’ve racked up multiple Nordstrom cards, which means one thing: more shopping! It’s the perfect cycle, really. Create an account and get started ASAPGet paid to clean out my closet AND do good? Yeah–I’m in. 

Fashion Project: TSB Approved.



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  1. I LOVE this!! I donate a big bag of clothes at least once a season so this is an awesome opportunity to give back & maybe receive a lil’ something. Thanks for sharing girl! xo.

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