My favorite teeny-tiny plate--holds a perfect 2Tbs of nut butter, dressing, dip, or whatever!
My favorite teeny-tiny plate–holds a perfect 2Tbs of nut butter, dressing, dip, or whatever!

Watching your portion sizes is one of the most often recommended and easiest ways to shed excess weight. Classic tip, really. You don’t need to obsessively count calories or weigh your food in order to drop a few pounds–just cut back on the amount you’re eating. Cutting your typical serving sizes in half, for example, saves on calories in a major way. Want to get in on portion control even more effortlessly? Know the capacity of your dishes! If you know a particular bowl holds two cups, for example, you won’t need to break out your measuring cups whenever you go for a serving of Greek yogurt. There are even products that are specially designed with portion control in mind, like this set of “Measure Up” bowls–their classic size features markings for 1/2, 1, 1-1/2, and 2 cups, already pre-measured on the interior of the bowl–making portion sizing a no brainer. Fill your bowl accordingly and don’t go back for seconds.

Similarly, when you’re trying to cut back, using your smallest plates and dishes for dining gives you a psychological boost. On a small plate, even the tiniest portion looks like a lot–making eating less feel like you’re eating more. You’ll be much more satisfied eating a small dinner on a small plate than you would be eating a meal of the same size on a large plate simply because your brain registers the amount of food as a percentage of the plate rather than the actual, objective amount. Combine these two tips and you’ve got skinny servings for days.



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