True life: I’m a sucker for glowy skin. Radiance is something that I find incredibly attractive, natural or man made. A good highlighter is easily in my top three all-time favorite, must-have beauty products list. So when I read this article on xoJane wherein Jane Pratt promised sexy, glowy, illuminated skin, on the cheap, in 5 days, I KNEW I had to get my investigative journalist on and test out her methods. This is my week with zinc.

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The Protocol:

Paraphrasing from this xoJane article…

Day 1: Take 1 50mg zinc tablet with meal, preferably breakfast or lunch.

Day 2: Same as day 1

Day 3: Reduce amount to 1/2 tablet–too MUCH zinc can make you red and hot–and not in the good way–apparently.

Day 4: Same as day 3

Day 5: GLOW!

My Experience:

Day 1: Literally nothing different.

Day 2: My skin DID look a little more radiant…but it was because I went HAM on my cheekbones with my fav highlighter. What can I say? I’m impatient. Seriously though, not much change yet.

Day 3: On day three, you’re supposed to halve your zinc dosage to 25mg in an attempt to avoid the aforementioned zinc redness. I chomped the tablet between my two front teeth–because who needs a pill splitter–took one half, and saved the other for day four’s dose. I saw a little brightening by day three (similar to a really good post-workout glow, minus the pink), but the results were subtle!

Day 4: You’d think that since day 4 is the last day I’m actually supposed to be TAKING zinc, I’d be pretty glowy by now. Am I? Nope. In an attempt to maximize my radiance potential, I go rogue and take an entire tablet instead of the prescribed half dose. Such a little rebel! We’ll see if I regret this come tomorrow.

Day 5: Today’s the day, guys! I wake up super excited too see if I’ve attained the lit-from-within glow that’s been promised to me. At the very least, I’m fairly certain that I can thank this week’s zinc supplementation for keeping me healthy–everyone around here is sick! I’m not, though, and I love zinc because of it. But what about my skin?! I tiptoe into our bathroom and flip on the light, trying to keep my expectations for this five day beauty experiment in check. Result: GLOW. Yes, seriously! My skin somehow looks just a little better. Healthier. Radiant. No rogue breakouts. It’s almost to the point where I could ditch my makeup, or at the very least, my beloved bronzer and highlighter duo. Success!

So, my week with zinc? A total success. My skin was supple, clear, and all around better. The xoJane piece that inspired this post recommended using this five-day zinc routine as a power-up for sexy, glowing event skin, but with results like this, I’m tempted to keep things going indefinitely! Instead of daily pill popping, though, (because according to this article, long-term zinc supplementation can cause mineral imbalance–yikes!) I’m going to take extra effort to consume zinc-containing foods like raw cashews, pumpkin seeds, coconut, and dark chocolate. Then, when a big event rolls around, I’ll totally revert to this  method. Simple, cheap, and effective.


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  1. Just wanted to say thanks so much for including my article in this beautifully written article about one of my favorite (but also carefully rationed) minerals! It really is a great idea to do the 4 days right before an event! I think I have to remember that one!

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