The secret to long locks? Caffeine.
The secret to long, luscious locks? Caffeine.

From coffee scrub to eye cream to anti-cellulite lotion, caffeine packs a major punch in some of our favorite beauty products. Now, on the heels of National Coffee Day, we get even MORE info about caffeine and beauty! Researchers from the National Journal of Dermatology published a recent study stating that caffeine has major beauty benefits for your hair–it’s responsible for stimulating hair shaft elongation, AND prolonging the growth cycle. Result? Longer, stronger, more resilient hair, thanks to caffeine’s blocking DHT, which is typically responsible for hair loss and follicle damage.

So, does this study give you to indulge in an additional pumpkin spice latte or frappe in the name of good hair? Not quite. In order to reap the mane-sustaining benefits of caffeine, you’d have to chug an additional 50 cups of joe a day, which, as we all know, isn’t exactly healthy. (Though an extra shot in your morning drink certainly won’t hurt!) Instead, boost your tresses with caffeine-containing cosmetics! Leave-in products and shampoo with caffeine (yes, it exists!) are sure to have your hair growing faster and longer in no time.

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Caffeine and hot hair–who knew?!



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