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I’ve discussed my love of the Ballet Beautiful method (and creator Mary Helen Bowers), here before, and this TSB Quick Skinny Tip comes straight from MHB herself! In the book that started it all–also titled Ballet Beautiful–Mary Helen advises,

“Use a teacup–I’ll place a few ginger snaps and a section of dark chocolate in a teacup and fill a larger bowl with berries for dessert.”

Genius, right? This tip is clutch for a couple of reasons…First, because it allows you to indulge in whatever you’re craving on a small scale, and second because it’s adding in the benefit of sweet, fresh fruit. When it comes to cravings, I’m a believer in giving in 9 times out of 10. Why? Because I find, at least for me, depravation makes me crazed, and attempting to completely replace a treat food with a healthier option simply leaves me unsatisfied AND reaching for the original treat food after having already mowed down the healthy alternative. No bueno. With the teacup trick, though, you’ve got built-in portion control, satisfaction, AND an extra dose of antioxidants. It’s my go-to for late-night cravings. Don’t have a teacup? Use a tiny plate or dish! I have a few from a sushi set that work perfectly in this scenario. Genius.

And this is why I love Mary Helen Bowers.



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