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I made the announcement on Instagram a couple of nights ago that I’m becoming a Certified Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner! I’ve gotten a few  questions and comments about what this all means, so I wanted to whip up this post to clarify and provide some info and answers! Curious about program details, my future plans, or just WTF being a CCWLP means?! No worries. I gotchu.

The deal: Being a weight loss practitioner is different from being a personal trainer, registered dietitian or nutritionist, or a holistic health coach, but it takes bits and pieces from each of these specialties. Clinical weight loss practitioners work with clients to provide coaching, develop science-backed diets and weight loss plans, monitor progress within a variety of metrics, and ultimately help people achieve their weight loss goals in a healthy, sustainable, science-based way. The course I’m taking has a serious foundation in nutrition and kinesiology, but also covers counseling, weight history, and the psychology of weight gain and loss. In short, it is AMAZING, and I’m so excited to be able to learn about something that I find so interesting, and to be involved in something I’m so passionate about. I myself went through a pretty drastic weight loss and lifestyle shift between 2010 and 2011, so this is something near, dear, and completely fascinating to me…Plus, I scored a KILLER deal on the cost of certification through The Health Sciences Academy, which is always a plus!

A lil' peek into my course overview--the certification program has 70 learning modules!
A lil’ peek into my course overview–the certification program has 70 learning modules!

I’m only a few modules into my course, but I’m already devouring it and loving every lesson! Once I finish, I’ll be able to create personalized weight loss plans, provide coaching, accountability, and support to clients, and of course, infuse these posts of mine with even more scientific evidence and information. So while I can’t tell you specifically how I’ll be professionally utilizing my certificate at the moment (a podcast?! Classes?! Group coaching?! Personalized plans?! So many options!) I can promise that whatever it is I end up doing, it’s going to be fun…and hopefully beneficial, too! Oh, and hey–once I complete THIS certification, I’m looking into programs to become a nutritional therapist, so I can work with (and write about!) people who aren’t solely concerned with weight loss, but want to improve their lives by changing the way they eat. Life isn’t ALL about weight loss, after all 😉 I’m seriously SO excited to begin this journey–this is something I’ve been personally interested in for a long, long time!

Want to know more? Drop me an Instagram DM @theskinnybreezy or send me an email–theskinnybreezyATgmailDOTcom ❤️



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    • Hi Cheri! I really enjoyed the course and found it useful. Lots of interesting and applicable information. Thanks for reading!

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