Cosmo girl? Meet Cosmobody!
Cosmo girl? Meet Cosmobody!

Love working out and reading Cosmo? You’re in luck! Cosmopolitan magazine is doing something totally badass and unexpected: they’re launching a new fitness program, Cosmobody. Billed as “the latest in fitness innovation,” Cosmobody offers an online, membership-based way to get fit at home. For $9.99 a month, Cosmobody members have access to a library of online workout videos that are viewable on any device, from cellphone to iPad, and are designed to be completed without a need for gym access. New videos are released daily, and each of the workouts are led by expert trainers. Another benefit? VARIETY! The site not only features yoga, dance, cardio, and strength training routines, but also challenges and a community. Perfect for those of us with fitness ADHD.

A tiny glimpse into Cosmobody's ever-growing workout library. Image via Cosmobody.
A tiny glimpse into Cosmobody’s ever-growing workout library. Image via Cosmobody.

The site is already stacked with free “bonus” videos and trial workouts, too, so you can test things out before deciding whether or not to subscribe. Even though membership clocks in at around only $.33 a day, everyone loves a freebie, and Cosmobody is providing just that! Click over to Gilt City for a FREE 3-month trial membership (available until Monday 9/29!), or simply enter code “30DAYSFREE” at and try it out. Because seriously–you can’t do better than free.

Fun. Fearless. Fitness. Seems pretty legit to me!


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