Image via WeHeartIt - @paulaa_sarah
Image via WeHeartIt – @paulaa_sarah

While I’m totally not ready for summer to be over, I must admit that I’m glad that September is here for reasons beyond crunchy leaves and the return of all things pumpkin spice: fall challenges! It’s the perfect time to get back on track with  heathy habits and recommit to those fitness goals. Why wait until resolution season?! Here are three fall challenges to check out NOW!

RunCHAARG with a Twist – CHAARGom, in progress.

RunCHAARG with a twist…CHAARGOm! More @ CHAARG.

Though CHAARG‘s 30-day running and yoga challenge officially started up on the 24th of last month, there’s still plenty of time to get involved! The premise: Team CHAARG, as a whole, will attempt to run a total of 6000 miles and complete 30 minutes of yoga, meditation, or mindfulness each day.  Official CHAARG members also have a chance to complete weekly assignments and win prizes. This is the perfect challenge for those looking to up their milage, AND get balanced and bendy. Find out more HERE.


Tone It Up Frisky Fall, 9/8 (today!)

TIU Frisky Fall! More @Tone It Up!

TIU girls rejoice! The challenge we’ve been waiting for ever since the Bikini Series ended is finally HERE! If you’ve ever participated in a Tone It Up challenge, you know these semi-annual events are not to be missed! Why? New workout videos from Karena and Katrina, fun nightly challenges, motivation and accountability from the ultra-supportive and HUGE TIU community, and a chance for members and nonmembers alike to win kickass prizes. Oh, and getting a “Halloween body” doesn’t suck, either! 😉 Find out more HERE.


Sarah Jenks’ Live More Weigh Less Fall Challenge, 9/15

Sarah Jenks’ Live More Weigh Less – More @LWML Challenge.

I’ve been following Sarah Jenks for at LEAST the last three years, and I am totally obsessed with her style, vision, and philosophy! I’m over-the-moon with excitement about her upcoming two-week LVWL Fall Challenge that launches next week. This particular series is geared toward improving your your life as a whole–expect surprises, adventures, challenges, and awesome support–and is all about learning to treasure yourself. As Sarah herself puts it, it’s “two weeks of learning how to have fun, eat well, and live the good life.” Love how unique and holistic this one is–I’ll definitely be participating! Find out more HERE.

Are you planning to partake in these or any other fall challenges?!



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