Uh huh, honey. Image via Pinterest.
Uh huh, honey. Image via Pinterest.

It’s time for me to get something off my chest: I’m completely addicted to CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team. I discovered the show last summer, and between watching the last season live and the premier of the current one, I’ve seen pretty much every episode ever filmed. If you’ve never seen the show, you’re probably thinking that I’m a crazy person right now. I mean, a show that seems like a spinoff of America’s Next Top Model, only about cheerleaders? On the Country Music channel? Puh-leeze. I know. It sounds ridiculous. And in all honesty, it IS. Ridiculously AMAZING!

Last year's final DCC team! Image via Pinterest.
Last year’s final DCC team! Image via Pinterest.

I’ll fill you in. Each season of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team follows a massive pack of young dancers hoping to become a part of the famed DCC family. The first episode starts with the first auditions where judges funnel through literally THOUSANDS of girls. They narrow the initial group into 100, and then make final selections into a team fit for “training camp”–another month-long audition and preliminary training process where rookies and DCC veterans compete. While the ladies are (obviously) judged on their dance abilities, their aesthetics, poise, supposed crowd-pleasing abilities, and interview skills also come into play. In short, a DCC girl pretty much needs to be the total package: bright, beautiful, well-spoken, killer dancer, killer body. So yeah, as you’ve probably guessed, each season involves a makeover episode and a major focus on physical fitness. This is why I love the show.

Phase one of the audition process! Image via Pinterest.
Phase one of the audition process! Image via Pinterest.

At least an episode per season is devoted to the girls’ training regimen and fitness level, and that episode is amazing. While appearance is an incredibly important part of the package (and fitting flawlessly into the tiny uniform is something that’s brought up a LOT), the cheerleaders also need to have strength and stamina. Their fitness routine is no joke! Aside from daily dance practices and performance rehearsals, the squad employs a trainer who whips the girls into shape to the tune of bootcamp-style circuits, mile runs, and an overall fitness test. A few of the earlier seasons even included footage of the ladies having their body fat percentages calculated and discussed! It’s super intense, and also super motivating…Pretty much the perfect thing to watch during a workout. Of course, since each episode revolves around physical activity (dance!) and appearance, even the non-gym scenes are motivational. Another thing that’s awesome: the surprising LACK of drama. While, yes, the show is dramatic (it involves making or breaking girls’ dreams…serious drama right there), for the most part, the cheerleaders all work together, help each other with choreography, and seem to get along really well.

If you haven’t seen the DCC and you like a little motivation with your junk food TV, Making The Team is a must. Check it out online HERE or tune in Friday at 9/8c on CMT!



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  1. Oh my goodness…I LOVE Making the Team! I got the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders workout DVD’s a few years back and started watching the show after that. I’ve been addicted ever since!

    • I have a few of their workout DVDs too! Too funny. The show is SO addictive–it just kinda creeps up on you! 🙂 Thanks for reading, Julie!

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