Something…interesting happened to me earlier this week: A company told me that they were unable to work with me because of the word “skinny” in my title. “Skinny,” they said, had too many “negative connotations”, and that they strive to promote a fit and strong image–one that NEVER uses the S word. “We love you!” they said, but we don’t love that you’re “skinny”. Oh.

This, of course, is completely their prerogative. Your company, your rules! If you don’t want me to write for you because I have the word “skinny” in my username, that’s totally fine. BUT! My name is not “the malnourished breezy,” “the disordered breezy,” nor “the skeleton breezy,” because that’s NOT what “skinny” means. And the pursuit of thinness is 100% NOT my M.O., or what this site is about. My blog isn’t about promoting an unrealistic or unhealthy ideology. I sincerely hope that anyone who reads here realizes that.


When choosing a name for this project, I made a giant list of words that I found appealing, and that would (hopefully) speak to the content and tone of this site. Fit, beautiful, radiant, fresh, nourished, lively, effortless, skinny, healthy, breezy, slender, glow, spirit, bliss, babe–they were all on it. I went with The Skinny Breezy. Why? Because “skinny” is a buzzword, and it sounds freakin’ cute. But seriously, here’s what “skinny” means to me. Skinny is a state of mind. It means looking and feeling your best. It means being healthy, nourished, fit, toned, and happy. Does it also mean thin? Maybe! But as I said earlier, life (and this website) is about so much more than that. And hey–“breezy” means relaxed, informal, and cheerily brisk. (And as an idiom, it can also mean “woman”. Beezy? Breezy? Bia? I think you get what I’m saying.) For a website that focused on health, wellness, balance, and bliss, this sums it all up pretty perfectly, don’t you think?

So that’s the story of The Skinny Breezy. Feeling and looking good, radiating confidence, finding your healthy glow, and living effortlessly on-point. That’s what TSB is all about. “Skinny” is only a bad word if you make it one.


4 comments on “The Skinny On ‘Skinny’”

  1. That’s exactly why I chose the word skinny too! Because skinny doesn’t mean malnourished to me either and I want to change peoples perspectives of the word and make it positive

    • Right, Madalyn?! I’m so glad you can relate. I love your blog, by the way! Super jealous of your bikini collection 🙂

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