Meet SEKSI--it's the weird new drink that just might be a game-changer.
Meet SEKSI–it’s the weird new drink that just might be a game-changer.

I’m tagging along on a business trip this week, and that means “goodies.” We’re talking treats from convenience stores, snacks from hotel lobbies, and the occasional raid of the mini-bar. Though these bites aren’t traditionally the healthiest, with a little extra attention to detail, you can make some delicious and wholesome discoveries! If your gaze is able to skip the bevy of pastries, candy bars, and ice cream that most of these locales have readily available, you’ll probably stumble upon some gems. Our hotel, for example, had fresh fruit, hummus and local vegetables, and gluten-free whole-food bars on hand for quick snacks! Even the roughest gas stations now stock bars (I’m partial to Kind and Kashi in these situations!) and packaged nuts to nosh on. There are healthy options everywhere if you’re willing to pay attention, and also to read some labels. You’re only stuck with Combos and Pop Tarts if you want to be 😉

Since we’d just come from a giant and amaaaazing dinner before checking into our hotel, I wasn’t exactly in the mood for a bite. I’m always down to try new sparkling beverages, though, so that’s what I did! Enter my latest discovery: SEKSI. The pomegranate-flavored “premium beverage” that also promises beauty benefits. And it’s pronounced “sexy”. I KNOW.

Ooh la la.
Ooh la la. So SEKSI.

SEKSI is a lightly-carbonated, fruity beverage that packs only 15 calories per can. It doesn’t contain any freaky ingredients (there’s actually real sugar in this stuff!) or artificial colors or flavors. It’s bubbly, sweet, refreshing, and LIGHT. SEKSI is smooth! There’s literally no bite, which actually kind of surprised me considering that it it’s both carbonated and contains caffeine. It also contains 85mg of calcium…and pearl powder. Yes, pearl powder. According to the can, this inclusion is supposed to encourage clear skin and a youthful glow. From the packaging:

“SEKSI Pearl Infused Beauty promotes skin clarity and a healthy complexion while maintaining and enhancing your youthful glow. An ancient beauty secret treasured by royalty, the pearl has long been prized as a luminous and precious decoration with the power to promote a more youthful appearance.”

It also cost like, $4 a can, so there’s your “luxury” right there. Would I buy it again in real life? Perhaps not. But in a hotel or at an airport as a treat? Yes, actually! I mean, it’s gotta be a safer bet than a Diet Coke. Plus, all novelty aside, the stuff is good. (And any added beauty benefits are always a plus.) Beauty foods! I could get into that. Not so bad for a random hotel find!


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  1. Liza,

    Wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great review!!!!! It’s nice to know somebody out there cares about they’re skin/health. Not sure what you do or where you live, but I would like to speak sometime in the near future and thank you. Maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other. It’s all about networking. Hope to hear from you in the near future and thank you again!!


    Randy Boucher
    Vice President of Sales

    • Hey Randy! Thanks so much for reading and for getting in touch! I really enjoyed Seksi 🙂 Feel free to drop me a line at theskinnybreezyATgmailDOTcom anytime! L

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