No better time than the present! Image via We Heart It.
No better time than the present! Image via We Heart It.

Truth time: I’m one of those people who seems to gain weight during the summer–especially summer’s tail end–and lose weight during the winter. It’s been like this for at least the past 4-5 years. I work hard all winter for a spring break body, coast through most of summer with the help of fitness challenges and my innate need to be on a beach, and crash about mid August, like clockwork. The “gain” is typically pretty minimal–under 10lbs at most–but the impact is maximum. I feel crappy, my clothes don’t fit right, and motivation is at an all-time low. That’s where I am right now. Even though I’m currently doing (and loving!) the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide program, the old saying “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet” is totally true. Lately, i’ve been overindulging in a MAJOR way. Thankfully though, I’m currently pretty much at my breaking point. My overindulgent streak ends here! Feeling the same way? Here are my best tips and tricks for getting back on track with healthy living.

How To Get Back on Track After Overindulging

Get it, girl! Image via We Heart It.
Get it, girl! Image via We Heart It.
  • Start tracking.For me, this means buying a heart rate monitor to monitor my exertion, and committing to tracking my calories in and out using My Fitness Pal. Knowledge is power, y’all. Plus, studies show that you’re actually likely to eat less, and thus lose more weight, if you consistently write down what you’re eating. You don’t even have to note the calories! Jotting it down is enough. Keep a food journal, keep yourself accountable.
  • Get a jump start. I once heard Jillian Michaels bemoan her publishers for demanding that she include weight loss jump-start tips in one of her books. We all know they’re bogus, but we want them anyway. Everybody wants a quick fix! And in this case, I actually think that’s okay. The only time “crash diets” are acceptable ventures is when they’re in the initial phase of a sustainable lifestyle shift. Sometimes, just seeing a little progress to the tune of a few lost pounds or majorly reduced bloating is all you need to keep pushing through the hard work that weight loss requires. Juice fast? Elimination diet? A gentle cleanse? If that kind of stuff works for you, and you find the results motivating, go for it! Just remember to use it as a starting point for a holistic healthy life to maintain your results.
  • Join a challenge. As I touched on in the paragraphs above, one of the reasons keeping on track is so easy for me during the spring and early summer is challenges! This summer, I participated in both the Tone It Up Bikini Series and CHAARG’s Bootycamp. These plans provided me with structure, a team/network of supportive, like-minded women, and built-in motivation and accountability. Luckily, Tone It Up’s Frisky Fall challenge starts up on September 8th, CHAARG just launched a 30-day running and yoga challenge, and Instagram and Pinterest offer month-long fitness challenges that you can complete any time. Just pick an area or body part you’d like to focus on, add the word “challenge” and search away!
  • Get inspired. The inspiration stage is different for everyone. Whether it’s pinning new workouts and healthy recipes on Pinterest, following fitties on Instagram, reading health and wellness blogs, or watching old episodes of Toned Up, seeing other people live fit and healthy lives always inspires me to live similarly. Fill your eyes and mind with inspiration and action is almost certain to follow.
You've got this! Image via We Heart It.
You’ve got this! Image via We Heart It.

How do you get back on track after a dietary slip-up or a period of overindulgence?



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