The line between activewear and street wear has been thoroughly blurred. Whether or not you’ve been to the gym recently, you’re probably dressing as if you had.  Studio-to-street styles are officially having a moment. Activewear has become daywear. Daywear has become activewear.

Athleta's recent take on street-meets-studio style. Image via Pinterest.
Athleta’s recent take on street-meets-studio style. Image via Pinterest.

While stylish athletic apparel designed to be worn in specialty exercise classes is nothing new, brands who typically eschew sporty designs have begun to branch out and cash in on the activewear category. Free People and Theory, for example, have both launched gym-friendly collections, and Tory Burch has partnered with Fitbit to give their famed activity tracker a high-end makeover. Karl Lagerfeld sent Chanel sneakers down his Spring 2014 runway. “Jogger” style pants are being forecast as one of Fall 2014’s biggest trends. (And the omnipresent yoga-pants-as-actual-pants thing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, either.) Daywear, meet activewear. Interestingly enough, though, the trend goes both ways–activewear has also blended into daywear. Traditional sportswear companies like Lululemon and Zella have started to push out modified versions of their ultra-stylish designs, meant to be warn as much in studio as they are at happy hour. Athleta’s fall lookbook features “city chic” styles that, the brand states, combine “performance fabrics with street-worthy looks”.

A Parisian street-styler pairs joggers and sneakers with a fluffy fur. Swoon. Image via Pinterest.
A Parisian street-styler pairs joggers and sneakers with a fluffy fur. Swoon. Image via Pinterest.

Personally, I love it. The day-meets-active trend promises a myriad of new LIFESTYLE-focused threads. It’s sporty, but not too sporty. It’s chic, but not too chic. Basically, you’ll never look out of place! Fitness clothing will become fashionable, while trendy, fashionable styles will become functional. In short, it’s the fit/lazy girl’s dream! I mean, I would much rather see a group of stylish girls at Whole Foods dressed in yoga pants with mesh panels and asymmetrical-cut studio jackets than in big t-shirts and Nike running shorts. Wouldn’t you? It’s a shift in aesthetics. You can look put together without actually BEING put together. (And you can look like you went to that 9am Pilates class without actually going to it, too.) And hey–there’s always the inspiration factor: wearing gym-ready clothing almost always guarantees that I’ll be a bit more active throughout the day, just because I CAN be. For my body, and for my closet, this shift is a total win.

What do you think of daywear-meets-activewear? Is this a trend you’re into? Which companies are doing it best?



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