Pinterest is a pretty amazing place. You can use it for endless procrastination, sartorial inspiration, and killer life hacks and DIYs alike. Some of this content, however, only works ON Pinterest. ON your computer screen. AKA not in real life. When I stumbled upon a heat-free curls tutorial almost a year ago, I pretty much assumed that it was one of those: a Pinterest Fail waiting to happen. I mean, almost effortless, damage-free curls? Really? It totally sounds like a pipe dream. But guess what–it’s a reality! This method has become my go-to for creating soft, pretty curls that last all day. All you need is a headband and a good night’s sleep.


Here’s how it’s done.

The process! (Yes, this is my actual head.)
Headband + sleep = perfect hair. See how it’s done!


  1. Put on a stretchy elastic headband.

  2. Twist, and then wrap sections of hair around the headband going away from your face. Note: many tutorials advise starting this process with damp hair, but I almost always start with dry hair–works just fine!

  3. Continue to add twists of hair around the headband until you’ve incorporated all of your hair.

  4. Go to sleep!

  5. Wake up, take off the headband, and shake out your curls!

(Still confused? Check Pinterest for a visual, duh.)
The finished product!
The finished product!

…It really could not be more simple. For extra hold, blast your hair with a blowdryer and upon waking, de-headband, and spritz on your favorite hairspray.

Violå! Safe and sexy curls that last.



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