Thank me later.
Thank me later.

I’m going to be honest with you guys–at this point in my life, “especially crazy nights” are few. Between adopting a healthy much healthier than the one I led only a few years ago, and the OMG-I’m-gonna-die level hangover I seem to attract from mere sips of anything other than tequila, if things are getting out of control, it’s for a VERY good reason. Because of this, however, I’m also an absolute pro at dealing with the aftermath of an alcohol-soaked evening. Since today is “Thirsty Thursday”, I figured it was the perfect time to share my tips! Looking and feeling terrible? Here’s how to deal.

  • Take a probiotic followed by a kombucha chaser. As you probably already know, alcohol totally wrecks your stomach. Not only are you irritating its lining and increasing acid production every time you imbibe, you’re also potentially throwing off the balance of beneficial gut bacteria. No bueno. Before you do anything else on this list, pop a probiotic and sip on some kombucha.. While neither will miraculously cure a terrible hangover, both work to restore your stomach’s natural balance, and kombucha has an almost-instant impact on headaches and hydration. Go for a ginger variety for additional stomach-soothing benefits!
  • Apply a face mask. Personally, I always feel like my skin takes a MAJOR beating from a night of drinking. Without fail. I almost always wake up with messed up skin–either more dry or more oily than usual–and that is just not cute. In an attempt to balance everything out, I opt for a morning-after face mask. Not only does a face mask make me feel totally pampered and fancy, but a good one will also draw out impurities and restore your skin’s healthy glow. My go-to is Boots’ Botanicals ‘Ionic Clay Shine Away’ mask.
  • Sunglasses + topknot +  lip color. If you must go out and procure a green juice (orrr perhaps a bacon egg and cheese? No judgment!) sunglasses, a topknot, and lip color is basically the best combination ever for making yourself look like an actual human. A topknot requires minimal effort, but yields a rather significant style payoff, especially if you throw in an accent braid or headband. The lip color is a no-brainer: It’ll instantly perk you up and make you look put together. I mean, how chic and French is a 10am red lip? NO ONE WILL SUSPECT A THING. Top everything off with some sunnies, the bigger the better. Channel Nicole Richie. Those bug-eyes should cover at least a good 20% of your face.  Now scamper! Fresh air helps everything.

Wild weekend plans? What are some of your best tips and tricks for taming day-after woes?!



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