Sad but true: the intersection of fitness, fashion, and function is pretty tiny. Stylish activewear has been around for years, when it comes to attractive gym accessories, the options are numbered. In my search for all-things fashionably fit, I’ve recently stumbled upon these three gems! If you need to add a little bit of functionality to your fitness game, look no further than these three accessories. These babies look cute and solve gym probs. It’s a win-win.


Image via FlipBelt.
Image c/o FlipBelt.

Whether you’re heading to the gym or going out on a run, one of the most annoying issues every fit girl faces is what the heck to do with your stuff. Sure, your Nike shorts have a tiny pocket perfect for stashing your keys, and your iPhone theoretically could fit into the slit in those ultra-stretchy Lulu tights, but between space, comfort, and style, you’re probably making a compromise. With the FlipBelt, however, you’re good! How’s it work? Slide the Flipbelt around your waist or hips, whatever you prefer. Then, grab your keys, phone, iPod, cash, cards, gu, whatever. Pack them all into the FlipBelt, then flip it up so everything is securely stored and in place. Marvel at how cute you look with your new brightly colored waistband. Work out. It’s that easy! Everything stays in place and you have easy access to all of your stuff. Shop It: FlipBelt by Level Terrain LLC.

Ring Cozy

Image c/o Ring Cozy.
Image c/o Ring Cozy.

Married? Engaged? Constantly wearing a favorite ring? Then the ring cozy is about to become your new BFF. The Ring Cozy is simple: It slips on over your ringed finger and protects the bling. No longer do you have to worry about scratching, damaging, or worst of all, LOSING your prized possession at the gym, on the court, or out on a run. You get to keep it with you, and keep it safe. No more leaving your ring in a locker, double-knotting it onto your shoelace, or stringing it onto a necklace a la Carrie Bradshaw while you get your sweat on! Oh, and Ring Cozy makes colorful neoprene cozies that cover basic bands and stones. Gotta love options! A pack of three sells for $10. Shop It: Ring Cozy.

Chic Activity Tracker

Image c/o Tory Burch.
Image c/o Tory Burch.

Keeping track of an active lifestyle has never been prettier. From pink heart rate monitors to metallic-accented Nike+ Fuelbands to the luxe Tory Burch x Fitbit collab, there’s a look for every aesthetic and every price range. Pick a tracker that measures your specific items or interests (think, calories, steps, heart rate, milage, etc!) and prepared to sweat like never before. Be warned: activity trackers are addictive! Having access to performance info can not only help you keep track of your progress, but could also help you push through a tough workout! Besides, what lady doesn’t want a little more jewelry in her life?! Shop It: Nike+ Fuelband, Tory Burch for Fitbit bangle, Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor.

What are your pretty workout essentials?



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