If you’re health-and-fitness conscious and have an Instagram account, you’re probably already familiar with Aussie personal trainer Kayla Itsines. The 23-year-old brunette has been blowing up lately! From amassing over one million IG followers to being featured on The Daily Mail, Kayla is almost equally famous for her beautiful body as she is her unique and effective training style. I’ve been following Kayla on my personal Instagram account for nearly a year, and after many months of pining over her transformation photos, I finally decided to take the plunge and get her eBook, the Bikini Body Training Guide. I’m currently on week two of the 12-week program, and let me tell you: I’m obsessed.

Kayla’s training methods consist of a combination of low intensity steady-state cardio (LISS), circuit training, and HIIT. Each week of the BBG, you mix up the number of LISS/HIIT sessions AND change up your circuit routines. It’s killer. When I first paged through the book, I (stupidly) thought that the circuits would be a piece of cake! I mean, I’m pretty fit. I completed the Tone It Up Bikini Series, run three miles a few times a week, and have done every workout program from Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred to Brazil Butt Lift. None of this, however, prepared me for the BBG. Or, at the very least, none of my previous exercise experiences seemed to make this one any less difficult. Easy little circuits?! WRONG. I was so drenched during my first circuit that beads of sweat were literally falling onto my iPad screen as I tried to follow along. (Gross.) Though the moves are simple and easy to follow, actually completing them all back-to-back for seven minutes straight–and then REPEATING them–is hard. Why? Because HARD works! You know the phrase “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”? This is true. So I’m more than happy to put in the admittedly difficult work that it takes to, as Kayla calls it, “earn my body”. She clearly knows what she’s doing. Oh, and sidebar–while I’m only doing the workout half of the program, Itsines also offers an eating guide as a companion to the BBG. Talk about life changing!

The aforementioned #BBG leg sweat. Shudder.
The aforementioned #BBG leg sweat. Shudder.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for the Bikini Body Guide’s amazingness!  Miss Itsines encourages all of her clients to track their progress using a variety of methods, scales and measurements included, but puts a definite emphasis on progress pictures since her program is designed to seriously change your physique.  Peruse Instagram and search the hashtags #kayla_itsines, #bbg #bikinibodyguide and/or #bbgprogress and prepare to be amazed. Seriously. Peep just about any of these images and you’ll probably be willing to put yourself through torturous workouts for the promise of a similar “after” picture. Funny how that works, isn’t it?! 🙂 Personally, I can’t wait to see how the guide is going to impact my body, and honestly, my mindset! Every time I’ve finished one of Kayla’s workouts, I feel super strong, capable, and fulfilled. Plus: endorphins. Expect a few progress posts here and there–I’m thinking at the six and 12-week marks–as I continue my journey!

Are you familiar with Kayla Itsines? Do you have either of her guides? Any tips for rocking the BBG?



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    So I am confused – I thought we were supposed to do both circuits (4 exercises each) three times each = 8 exercises 3 times: per session. Now I am thinking maybe I am only supposed to do 1 circuit of the 4 exercises * 3 = 12 per session…. Help please!!?

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