Get ready, babes. We're talking scrunchies. Image via We Heart It - @NaomiCreighton
Get ready, babes. We’re talking scrunchies. Image via We Heart It – @NaomiCreighton
I can’t see, write, or hear the word scrunchie without immediately thinking of Sex and the City. You know the scene–the one where Carrie is fawning over Burger’s book, but ends with a final critique that no true New York woman would ever be caught dead in a…a…SCRUNCHIE?! Yeah, that one. The way SJP squeals sc-rrr-unchie literally sends shivers down my spine. Shudder. 
Anyway, scrunchies are cool again, guys! Or at the very least, they’re “trendy”. How do I know this? Because I saw them for sale at Forever 21 last weekend. Yep. They’re peddling three-packs of patterned, textured, and–admittedly–otherwise adorable hair ties as “throwback srunchie sets” for $3.80. They’re also being offered at Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Nasty Gal, and American Apparel. Oh, and Shopbop too if you’re into Marc by Marc Jacobs. #fancy
STACKED: The Free People take on the scrunchie resurgence...
STACKED: The Free People take on the scrunchie resurgence…
As ugly and unfashionable as I think as scrunch CAN be, the 2014 revival of the look isn’t completely heinous. Think: a toned-down, jewel-toned tie securing a topknot, a patterned band taking center stage at a music festival, or as a fashion-meets-function alternative bracelet on the wrist. So while the look still makes me a bit cringe-y, I’m not completely and totally against it. Plus, since scrunchies are inherently more gentle on your locks than traditional hair ties or (again, shudder) elastics, you’re actually doing your mane a favor each and every time you rock one. PERFECT solution for gym/workout hair! Besides, who doesn’t love a little nostalgia?
Sorry Ms. Bradshaw, but scrunchies are about to have a major moment. 

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