Image via We Heart It - @Cassidy Neves.
Image via We Heart It – @Cassidy Neves.
Want a super-easy way to slow down your eating and feel more satisfied when you’re done? I’ve got you: Freeze your smoothies!
I stumbled upon this trick accidentally earlier this year when, after a particularly awesome workout, I stuck my Jamba Juice Mango-A-Go-Go into our freezer while I showered and then proceeded to promptly forget about it. When I opened the freezer the next day, it was still there (obviously) and I was hungry! Since I could no longer sip said smoothie (and since I also couldn’t wait to eat it), I grabbed a spoon and chowed down. Yeah, it’s that simple.
Want to get in on some frozen smoothie action of your own? Just mix up your favorite blend before bed, and pop it into the freezer to chill all night. By the time you go for it the next morning, it will be frozen solid, thus requiring a spoon–and a little extra time and attention–to eat. Bonus: Anything frozen + consumed with a spoon is ventures on ice cream/froyo territory, even if it’s really just bananas, almond milk, and chocolate protein powder when liquified 😉
Don’t have all night to freeze something up? Grab a spoon! Just opting for spooning over sipping will make your smoothie last longer, and leave you feeling fuller.

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