If there’s one particular workout modality I’m forever loyal to, it’s barre. Pure Barre, Barre3, The Bar Method, Physique 57, Fluidity, Ballet Beautiful, you name it, I’ve probably tried it. I’m absolutely obsessed with how barre’s teeny-tiny isometric movements build up a MAJOR burn and work to reshape your body. The long, lean, feminine muscles these systems promise are real! While in-person barre classes are badass (and an absolute must-try, if even just ONCE) the $15+-per-class fee can get pretty outrageous pretty quickly. Luckily for us, it’s 2014–YouTube exists! Free ballet bodies for all! These are my five favorite FREE barre-based workouts.

Dressing the part is optional.

1. 20 Minute Pure Barre Workout

Model and fellow blogger Savannah McLain created this awesome at-home Pure Barre-inspired workout a year ago, and since then I’ve done this vid a minimum of once a week. Even without high production value of some of the other picks on this list, this video is incredibly easy to follow along and Savannah’s cuing rocks. Oh, and it WORKS. You’ll definitely be feeling the post-barre burn, even with only 20 minutes of effort.

2. Ballet Beautiful Lean Legs & Buns Circuit

If there is a barre queen, it would have to be Mary Helen Bowers. I’ve discussed my major girl crush on MHB at length previously on the internet, but I’m more than happy to preach about her further for this blog’s audience. Not only is Mary Helen the creator of the Ballet Beautiful method, but she’s also a former prima ballerina AND the trainer who whipped Natalie Portman into shape for Black Swan. Know who else she trains? Victoria’s Secret models. And me! And you too, if you do this video! Bonus: If you’re looking to splurge, Ballet Beautiful offers a “custom workout program for a monthly fee of $39.99 that provides access to the complete BB streaming library and two new workouts each month. Want to get Ballet Beautiful on the cheap? You’re in luck–Mary Helen also offers DVDs.

3. Fitness Blender Total Body Barre Workout

If you’re looking for a workout that’s a little longer, this 40-minute video from Fitness Blender should fit the bill. For those unfamiliar with Fitness Blender, each exercise is performed by trainer Kellie, with a voiceover explanation from husband Daniel. Each routine also comes conveniently paired with a detailed description and calorie burn estimation on the duo’s companion websiteThough this routine isn’t as dynamic as some of the others on this list and can begin to feel a bit TOO repetitive at times, it’s still a perfect pick for those looking to get in some solid barre work without having to complete video after video.

4. Tone It Up Beach Barre Workout With Renée Herlocker

Don’t let the 15-minute runtime of this video fool you–this beach barre routine from the Tone It Up girls is INTENSE! You will 100% feel the burn with this workout, both during and after. What I love especially about this routine (besides that it features my favorite girls K&K!) is that this truly is a whole-body barre blast squeezed into a quarter hour. Hot babes, cute clothes, easy-to-follow moves that guarantee results? Yeah, I’m sold.

5. Andrea Rogers XTend Barre Lean & Chiseled

In need of a full-on hour of barre work? This is your video! XTend Barre is no joke! In this 55 minute video, Andrea takes you through a myriad of basic, standing ballet-inspired moves coupled with heart-racing cardio to really kick-up your metabolism. The 10-minute floor abs section at the end is KILLER, but is thankfully followed up with a much-needed XL final stretch. Hurts so good!

Are you familiar with barre-based exercise? Are you a fan?

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