I’m always a fan of a good fashion throwback. I mean, pretty much all of the trends we’re currently salivating over have 90s roots–crop tops, Dr. Marten’s, beanies, the list goes on and on. This particular throwback, however, holds a special place in my heart. It’s the tattoo choker necklace. 

Via @wilma_asterlind.

I don’t know about you guys, but in my third grade class, tattoo jewelry was pretty much the height of style. Blame it on Mel B. We were all running around with matching rainbow sets of the stretchy necklaces and bracelets, because GIRL POWER. It only makes sense that the trend would resurface, to the delight of 90s babies everywhere.
Fun fact: apparently these chokers are suuuper easy to DIY. I’m more of a BUY girl myself, though, so I found a few shoppable options for those of you in the same boat. (Hint: Etsy is always your friend.)

Keep it simple with this $1.99 gem from Swaychic, opt for the coveted three piece, $3.99 necklace-bracelet-ring set from Amazon, or get fancy with this $22 necklace stack from Topshop.

Whatever iteration of the trend you choose, I can promise you that it will be what 90s dreams are made of.

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