Orange is the new black. Dry brushing is the original oil pulling. 

Meet my dry brush. I'm obsessed.
Meet my dry brush. I’m obsessed.

If there was a super-simple way to get energized, reduce cellulite, improve circulation, and soften your skin, you’d do it, right? Obviously. If you’re not dry brushing, you’re seriously missing out. Adding this simple step to your pre-shower (or bath or whatever) routine promises all of the above benefits AND MORE.

The deal: Using a dry, natural-bristle brush, you apply moderate pressure and scrub your bod in a circular motion starting from your feet, and working–always towards your heart–all the way up to your shoulders. Then you do your normal shower routine! Boom: instantly soft, glowing skin and full-body pick-me-up, and with time, reduced cellulite, even tone, and the mystical “toxin release”. It’s seriously that easy.

Sooo, how does it work? All of that scrubbing is majorly stimulating to your body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems. Though most of dry brushing’s beauty benefits are amazing on their own (and almost instantaneous), naturopathic doctors have been known to use it to help with bloating and improve digestion and kidney function.

I’ve personally been dry brushing a few times a week since winter of last year and have noticed MAJOR changes in my skin. First of all, it’s softer and smoother. Any cellulite I have had has definitely been diminished. I bruise super easily, and dry brushing seems to make said bruises disappear more quickly. Oh, and there’s nothing like the sheer magnificentness of dry brushing + shaving + putting on lotion. SO. FREAKING. SOFT. It takes all of two minutes to do, but has a seriously major physical payoff. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it! You can pick up a spa body brush at Target, Whole Foods, or Amazon. Go go go!

Do you dry brush? Do you love it?

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    • Caitlin!! I personally only dry brush on my body, but with the popularity of the Clarisonic and those mini facial cleansing brushes, it seems like brushing be beneficial for faces, too! It CAN be a little harsh though, so I’d probably use those tools with water + cleanser, just to be safe! <3

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