The tumbler trick: works every time.
The tumbler trick: works every time.
Drinking lots of water has never come naturally to me. I’m one of those people who just isn’t very thirsty, and if I AM thirsty, water has never been my go-to beverage of choice. Proper hydration, however, is key in living a healthy life–especially if you’re active! Over the years, I’ve learned a few ways to trick myself into chugging a healthy amount of h2O.
  1. Sip it. As far as I’m concerned, EVERYTHING is better with a straw. I don’t know if it brings back memories of drinking from crazy straws as a kid, or if it just makes it feel like whatever I’m sipping on is more of a treat, but if I’m drinking water through a straw, I’ll always drink more than going without. I use a Venti-sized tumbler with a straw that I got from Starbucks to keep myself sipping all day.
  2. Flavor it. This is one of the most common drink-more-water tips for a reason: it works. Water with lemon or lime is just BETTER than plain water. I love squeezing citrus into my water in the morning, and definitely drink way more (without thinking about it) when my water is flavored. I mean, #detoxwater is popular on instagram for a reason. Adding fruit to your water is a must-try. If you’re fancy, you can buy a specialty water bottle that actually infuses your water with whatever ingredients you choose–perfect for avoiding those nasty bottom-of-the-bottle pieces of mushy fruit.
  3. Schedule it. Oh technology. You and your apps make drinking (water) so simple. If you have an iPhone, download Waterlogged and prepare to track your ounces. Somehow, taking note of exactly HOW much you drink makes drinking more water into a fun little challenge.
  4. Filter it. Personally, I know that I drink at least 10x more water if I’m drinking the pre-filtered stuff my fridge spouts out. Tap water? Ew, no thanks. (I’m weird, guys. I’ve never liked tap water.) It’s just so easy! Plus it saves $$$ and the environment since you’re not going through plastic bottle after bottle in an attempt to hydrate.
  5. Fizz it. If you’re super into soda, combine this tip with tip #2 and you’re totally golden. Sparkling water is so much more interesting and satisfying than still! Do it yourself with a SodaStream machine or go the lazy girl route (AKA my route) and opt for varieties from La Croix or h2OH. Fizzy water is addictive and feels like a treat!
Do you have any tips for effortlessly increasing your water intake? 

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