I have a love-hate relationship with the scale. It goes like this: Step on and see a number I like? LOVE IT. Step on and see a number I dislike? Hate it. Healthy? Probably not. True? Totally. I was introduced to the concept of the non-scale-victory earlier this spring, courtesy of a daily tip on my Barre3 app. It resonated with me immediately–so much so, that I instagrammed this picture of said tip.
My introduction to the Non-Scale Victoria, via Barre3.
My introduction to the Non-Scale Victoria, via Barre3.
As you can see, the NSV is pretty self-explanatory–it’s a life and fitness “win” that comes from anywhere BUT your scale. From being able to fit into the next size down, to opting for a fresh homemade meal over fast food, to running for an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill, making strides and accomplishing non-weight-related goals are milestones and markers of success that deserve to be celebrated! Give yourself credit where credit is due and keep track of your favorite NSVs. Write them down! Share them! It’s a super-simple and healthy way to boost your confidence and minimize an obsession with the scale.
Are you familiar with the NSV? Have any recent victories to share?

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