Since late 2008 or so, Lululemon and I have had an ongoing relationship. First, it was their Groove pants. Then, the Wunder Unders. Then, the Boogie shorts. I was 100% all about their super-stretch Luon fabric, upside-down horseshoe logo, and paying a serious premium for apparel that made my butt look banging. So yeah, I love Lululemon. Something I have come to decidedly not love about Lulu, however, is the fact that it is now so prevalent that I run the risk of looking like a Lulu-lemming anytime I step out of the house in their wares. Dislike. Facing the same problem? You’re in luck! Here are 3 super-cute activewear brands that aren’t Lululemon. Prepare to spice up your life…or at least your gym wardrobe.

1. Lorna Jane

Shop @Lorna Jane.
Shop @Lorna Jane.

If you’re on Instagram, you know Lorna Jane. According to the Australia-based company’s brand statement, Lorna Jane is “not simply a clothing label; it is a way of life.” The perfect blend of fitness and fashion, LJ not only offers a constantly-changing collection of bright, patterned, and otherwise fabulous sportswear, but also an entire life philosophy developed by creator Lorna Jane Clarkson–Move. Nourish. Believe. As a companion to their ultra-cute and stylish workout wear, Lorna Jane boasts a fashion-and-lifestyle driven Instagram account (@lornajane), an LJ fitness app for tracking walks, runs, and cycling miles, and an incredibly inspirational blog based on the LJ Move Nourish Believe philosophy. You can shop all of the collection’s offerings online, or, if you’re local and lucky, visit one of Lorna Jane’s four US retail locations in California and Arizona. Hot picks: Leopard ‘Wildside’ Sports Bra, ‘Aphrodite Excel’ Running Tank, ‘Crescent Excel’ Half-Zip Top.

2. Beyond Yoga

Shop @Beyond Yoga
Shop @Beyond Yoga.

Sucker for Lulu’s signature yoga pants? Well, I’m about to blow your mind. Beyond Yoga‘s pants are EVEN BETTER. Seriously. Soft, stretchy, and expertly-crafted, these crops, leggings, and shorts sell at a price point similar to Lulu’s, but in designs that you won’t see on every third person in your hot vinyasa flow class or in line with you at the grocery store. Expect a wide variety of street-to-studio styles in a myriad of colors and cuts in sizes XXS to XXL…All with the same butt-enhancing properties that we’ve come to love from the Big L! Score. Hot Picks: Bright Yoga Capri Legging, Ladder Back Camisole, Quilted Essential Shorts.

3. The Upside

Shop @The Upside.
Shop @The Upside.

I first became acquainted with The Upside after falling in love with a pair of their leopard print yoga shorts on Stylerunner. Yeah. The Australian activewear brand flies under the general radar, but happily into the closets of style-driven gym goers. Luxurious fabrics, modern design, and uncommon prints and patterns are hallmarks of this high-end line, styled with the athlete of the FUTURE in mind. The ultimate combination of fitness and fashion, The Upside fuses runway trends with modern performance gear fit for yoga, barre, running, and general stylish living. While you pay a premium for international ordering, The Upside’s designs are so unique and cool that it ALMOST doesn’t matter. Hot Picks: ‘Ashlea’ Tee (pictured above!), Leopard Print Run Short, ‘Candace Can’ Crop Top in Python/Black.  

Which activewear brands are your favorite? Have any awesome lines to share? Leave a comment and let me know!



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